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300A50-W   Mad Science Print #50
300A51-W   Mad Science Print #51
300A52-W   Mad Science Print #52
300A53-W   Mad Science Print #53
300A54-W   Mad Science Print #54
300A55-W   Mad Science Print #55
300A56-W   Mad Science Print #56
300A57-W   Mad Science Print #57
300A58-W   Mad Science Print #58
300A47-W   Mardi Gras Print #47
300A48-W   Mardi Gras Print #48
8B1   Micro Centrifuge Cap, Molded Seal, Natural, Karter Scientific 8B1(Case 1000)
23B1   Micro Centrifuge Cap, O-Ring Seal, Natural, Karter Scientific 23B1 (Case 1000)
139A2   Natural Wood Test Tube Rack, 24mm, 6 Place, With Drying Pins, Karter Scientific 139A2 (Single)
300A39-W   New Year's Print #39
300A40-W   New Year's Print #40
300A41-W   New Year's Print #41
300A42-W   New Year's Print #42
300A43-W   New Year's Print #43
300A44-W   New Year's Print #44
300A45-W   New Year's Print #45
300A46-W   New Year's Print #46
300A34-W   Ocktoberfest Print #34
300A35-W   Ocktoberfest Print #35
300A36-W   Ocktoberfest Print #36
300A37-W   Ocktoberfest Print #37
300A38-W   Ocktoberfest Print #38
PS207-0010W   Printed 16x125 Polypropylene Test Tube Samples
PS207-0012W   Printed 16x125 Polystyrene Test Tube Samples
150A14   Printed Plastic Test Tube Set: 40 Tubes, 40 Caps & Rack
150A30   Printed Plastic Test Tube Set: 40 Tubes, 40 Caps & Rack
150A24   Printed Plastic Test Tube Set: 50 Tubes, 50 Caps & Rack
150A11   Printed Plastic Test Tube Set: 60 Tubes, 60 Caps & Rack
181S1   Round Test Tube Rack, 19mm & 25mm, PP Plastic, 12 Place, With Drying Pins, White, Karter Scientific 181S1 (Single)
85U1   Set, With Plastic Tiered Rack, 12 each 15ml Graduated Plastic Tubes and Screw Caps, Karter Scientific 85U1 (Each)
201I3   Set, With White Cardboard Rack, 50 each 16x125mm Assorted PP Plastic Tubes and Natural Flange Caps, Karter Scientific 201I3 (Single)
200-0001W   Small Test Tube Funnel
1A1*   Small Test Tube Funnel, Karter Scientific 1A1* (Single)
300A30-W   St. Patrick's Print #30
300A31-W   St. Patrick's Print #31
300A32-W   St. Patrick's Print #32
300A33-W   St. Patrick's Print #33
100F1   Storage Vial Caps, Blue, Karter Scientific 100F1 (Case 1000)
100F3   Storage Vial Caps, Green, Karter Scientific 100F3 (Case 1000)
100F5   Storage Vial Caps, Orange, Karter Scientific 100F5 (Case 1000)
100F7   Storage Vial Caps, Red, Karter Scientific 100F7 (Case 1000)
100F9   Storage Vial Caps, White, Karter Scientific 100F9 (Case 1000)
100F11   Storage Vial Caps, Yellow, Karter Scientific 100F11 (Case 1000)
109F2   Storage Vial Workstation Rack, 50 Hole, Karter Scientific 109F2 (Single)
217H2   Test Tube Easy Filler Bottle Natural, Karter Scientific 217H2 (Single)
5A1   Test Tube Tong, Brass, Karter Scientific 5A1 (Single)
221S-W   Transfer Pipette Bellows, Non-Graduated, 165mm, Non-Sterile, Karter Scientific 221S2 (Pack 100)
221L-W   Transfer Pipette, 1.3ml, Fine Tip, 51mm, Bulb Draw - 1ml, Karter Scientific 221L1 (Case 10000)
214S-W   Transfer Pipette, 7.0ml, Graduated, Large Bulb, 155mm, Sterile, Peel-Pack, Karter Scientific 214S2 (Pack 100)
W-206H1   Transfer Pipette, 7ml Volume, Graduated, 155mm
W-206I1   Transfer Pipette, Cap, 5ml, Graduated, 145mm, Karter Scientific 206I2 (Pack 500)
300A21-W   Valentines Print #21
300A22-W   Valentines Print #22
300A23-W   Valentines Print #23
300A24-W   Valentines Print #24
300A25-W   Valentines Print #25
300A26-W   Valentines Print #26
300A27-W   Valentines Print #27
300A28-W   Valentines Print #28
300A29-W   Valentines Print #29
300A1-W   Wedding Print #1
300A10-W   Wedding Print #10
300A11-W   Wedding Print #11
300A12-W   Wedding Print #12
300A13-W   Wedding Print #13
300A14-W   Wedding Print #14
300A15-W   Wedding Print #15
300A16-W   Wedding Print #16
300A17-W   Wedding Print #17
300A18-W   Wedding Print #18
300A19-W   Wedding Print #19
300A2-W   Wedding Print #2
300A20-W   Wedding Print #20
300A3-W   Wedding Print #3
300A4-W   Wedding Print #4
300A5-W   Wedding Print #5
300A6-W   Wedding Print #6
300A7-W   Wedding Print #7
300A8-W   Wedding Print #8
300A9-W   Wedding Print #9

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